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Here at Vmedia I look at Rotherham and the surrounding villages during the 19th and early 20th Century. In particular, but not limited to, my books. My books are authored under the pseudonym of Pete Rollo. I am also currently attempting to team up with other authors, novelists, artists, photographers and historians who have produced work along that theme.

Here you will find examples of my work, and together with other contributors invited to join, all books are created following dedicated research, ingenuity, passion inspiration by what the town had to offer. I take great pride in providing and improving this website, so do come back and visit it from time to time. You may be suprised with what new offerings are available.

If you are one of my book owners you will find a couple of QR Codes published in them. One is for the book and a link to special pages on this website. The other is a link to the facebook page of the book (or series).

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The subjects presently covered include the Sheffield and Rotherham Railway, the Masbrough Boat Tragedy, the Cholera Years and the towns’ health, Coal and Ironstone Mining in and around Kimberworth and the Holmes, a Solicitors Adventure, and not least by far – The History of Football in the Rotherham area up to 1925 (the year of formation of Rotherham United Football Club).

It is hoped that more books will follow.

Books & Availability

“Kicking Uphill” – A chronology of football in Rotherham

As reported at the time
This series comprises 5 volumes. Unlike other books written on the subject, the series provides the real story.

Volume I – Earliest Days to 1889 – A4 high gloss colour, 152 pages, 185000 words – Available Now. £24 + Post & Packaging

Volume II – 1889 to 1896 – A4 high gloss colour, 186 pages, 241000 words – Just ReleasedAvailable Now. £27 + Post & Packaging

Vol III – 1896 to 1914 – Early-mid 2023

Vol IV – 1914 to 1925 – Late 2023 / Early 2024

Vol V – Player & Officials -Biographies – 2024


Sheffield & Rotherham Railway, – The Early Years

Who really wanted this Railway?
Although many historians consider it was a failure, the main promoters would probably not agree. An interesting local history book as well as for Mining and Railway enthusiasts. The book reveals information that the movement of people was not the prime objective and that a very interested promoter was woking behind the scenes.

Available early-2023
£15.00* + Post & Packaging

The Masborough Boat Tragedy, – Forge Lane

Not everything was as reported
Together with evidence that was not available at the time of inquest, a fresh look is taken at this tragedy and not everything was as recorded and reported – with some very surprising discoveries – and one in particular that shook even the author.

Available late 2022
£15.00* + Post & Packaging

The Cholera Years and the health of the Town

As reported at the time
This book looks at Rotherham during the worst years of the Cholera years through the eyes of the newspapers and official reports, and what was being done about it- Needless to say there was genuine concern – and others who sought to gain from the situation.

Available 2023
£15.00* + Post & Packaging

Mining in the Kimberworth & Rotherham area,

A study into mining Coal
Mining was, and still is a dirty and dangerous business – and very much more so back then. This book looks at the owners, the managers and the workers. Written by a mining engineer who spent a considerable part of his life designing shafts and roadways.

Available 2023
£15.00* + Post & Packaging

A Solicitors Adventure, – A Fool and his money are soon departed

The temptation of a will
Even the most cautious of us can be over generous. In this novel, based on real events, is a testament to that fact. This “Rotherham” story becomes one of international intruge and investigation, and could ruin reputations. It begs the question – would you trust your lawyer?

Available 2023
£15.00* + Post & Packaging

* Please note that book publishing dates are best estimates and that prices are subject to change (up or down) at time of launch

“Kicking Uphill” – Vol I – Early Years to 1889

Kicking UphillVolume I AVAILABLE NOW

A Chronology of Football in Rotherham – Before 1926

From the earliest days to 1889

Kicking Uphill – Volume I – Sample Page

This is the first in a series of books that takes a look at the time-line history of football in and around the area of Rotherham, Yorkshire, England until 1925, at which time the present-day Rotherham United was formed.  With exception to the general history of football itself, and some from creative commons resources, all references for the aforementioned books are attributed to information coming from past newspapers, census, and directory searches together with knowledge attained whilst researching for my other books about Rotherham’s past.  No other published books on this localised subject have been seen or read by myself, as it was always my intention not to do so, consequently most myths disappear and only the facts become apparent.  Although it would be impossible to discover every report, news event or detail ever produced, all efforts have been made to uncover many of them.

This series of books also provides an incredible number of names, and may be of assistance to anyone wanting to discover if an ancestor had a Footballer Player (or Official) who was involved in the sport. Volume V of this series provides a large selection of profiles and mini-biographies.

Volume I – In 152 pages (cover to cover), A4 format – 185,000+ words – HQ gloss with colour images.

Very few original photographs and images exist for the period of the contents of Volume I, however Graham Orr, a local amateur artist has been kind enough to provide his take on match events to be included within the whole series of these football books.

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“Kicking Uphill” – Vol II – 1889 to 1896

Kicking UphillVolume II AVAILABLE NOW

From 1889 to 1896

Volume II – Foreward – Sample Page

Volume II – In 186 pages (cover to cover), A4 format – 241,000+ words – HQ gloss with colour images.

This series has been written to give the real history of Rotherham football


Vmedia is the authors webpage. It is not a multi-global business. The website exists to encourage the public to engage in the history of Rotherham during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. – It’s a fascinating time – with many industrial and social changes taking place.

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